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January 25, 2023 | By Admin

Expert Tantrik Services – Get the Best Results Now!

You must realize that energy is just that—energy. It is neither good nor evil. It can be used to make anything, including gods and demons. It has an electrifying quality. Is electricity a positive or negative force? When it illuminates your house, it is divine. If it becomes an electric chair, it is the work of the devil. Simply said, it depends on the black magic specialist in charge at the time.

Arjuna posed the identical query to Krishna 5,000 years ago: “If you are claiming that everything is the same energy and that everything is divine if it is the same godhood which resides in Duryodhana, then why is he acting in this way? Arjuna kept coming back to this simple query despite all the instructions, which made Krishna chuckle. Krishna answered, “God is Nirguna, and the divine is Nirguna.” He lacks any distinguishing qualities. Therefore, it is merely energy as it is. Anything can be created from it. The energy of a deity who might intervene to save you is the same as that of a tiger who comes to devour you. They simply operate in different ways.

Can a Black magic specialists perform black magic then? They most certainly can. If there are beneficial uses, there are equally negative uses. The Atharva Veda is one of the Vedas that is focused on the usage of energies, both positive and negative. However, from what I have observed, these issues are typically psychological. There might be some of it, but the majority of it is your wild thoughts. Sree Sibnath performs actual black magic to make you satisfied.

Because of a specific worry that consumes you, everything bad will happen to you—you’ll get sick, your business will fail, etc. Black magic has not been used. Your mind will be destroyed just by specific symbols that suggest that this appears to be some sort of dark magic. Therefore, it is largely psychological most of the time.

Yes, there is a science that permits one to use their energy against them to harm someone else. What is the defense? One thing is that if you are engaged with our Best Tantrik in Kolkata, you do not need to worry about any of those things. You don’t even need to take such factors into account.

When we talk about “negative repercussions,” we don’t always mean that someone has done anything bad to you. You could have simply ingested some negativity, in a lot of ways. You see, someone doesn’t have to give you fruit that has been tainted. When we consume the fruit, it can contain a natural poison that enters the body. The bad aspects of life can also influence you in several ways.

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