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June 21, 2024 | By Admin

How To Create A Shield of Protection Utilising The Power of Vaastu

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In the world of Vaastu, each corner, direction, and positioning of a construction matters. But Vaastu is not all about these. It also offers invaluable knowledge on safeguarding against negative energies like black magic. Let’s discuss how to create a shield of protection using the power of Vaastu. Contact any black magic specialist in India who also offers Vaastu services to learn more about the Vaastu principles.

Knowing Black Magic & Its Impact

Black magic is a mysterious practice that uses supernatural powers for both good and bad intentions. Its consequences disseminate throughout a place, affecting mental peace and causing disturbance. Knowing how black magic functions within the framework of Vaastushastra aids us in facing its consequences well.

Vaastu Tips To Lessen The Impacts of Black Magic

Below are some of the most effective Vaastu tips formulated to remove the harmful impacts of black magic. These techniques are proven and tested to offer the most effective outcomes. By implementing these techniques, you can bring peace, positivity, and harmony to your home. With the assistance of these techniques, you can transform your living area into a beacon of positivity by removing all the disruptive impacts of black magic.

Optimize the Entrance

As per Vaastu, the entrance is the gateway for both good and bad energies entering your abode. Hence, ensure your entrance is clutter-free and well-lit to attract positive energy and avoid negative energy. Place positive symbols like Swastik, Om, and Mandala near the entrance. You can place tulsi plant to make a shield against black magic.

Balance Energies WithVaastu Components

Implementing the five elements—water, Earth, Fire, Space, and Air—into your living area is the basic need of Vaastu. Balancing these elements through the skillful positioning of objects and colors disrupts the flow of negative energy and makes it difficult for magic to enter the home.

Develop Sacred Areas Within the Home

The next noteworthy step is to create sacred areas within your home for prayers, meditation, or spiritual practices. All these create a reserve of positive energies. When coordinated with Vaastu principles, these work as a support system against harmful forces. In this manner, you can strengthen your defense against black magic.

Explore The Power of Crystals

Crystal are known for their capacity to imbibe and alter negative energies. Using crystals like black tourmaline or obsidian in key areas of your home can create a protective shield of protection and purity against black magic. Take guidance from the best Tantrik in Kolkata to explore such facts further.


Implementing Vaastu principles into your living area not only facilitates peace, prosperity, and harmony but also functions as a strong defense against the dark energies of black magic. By realizing this complicated interplay of energies and incorporating proven remedies, you can safeguard the well-being of your home. Embrace the power of VaastuShastra to unveil the strength of positivity. Contact SreeSibnath for the best services associated with VaastuShastra and its beneficial attributes.


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