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May 14, 2024 | By Admin

An Ode To The 7 Tantrik Chakras In Human Body

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When it comes to the matter of Tantra, the body along with the spirit and mind are calculated as a whole. They all are associated with each other and almost unthinkable to separate. All these three aspects are an inseparable part of our everyday journey and conduct to our destiny. As per Tantra, the human body is similar to a temple which deserves admiration and worship. Tantra believes the human body consists of a total of seven chakras. To understand the 7 Tantrik chakras in the human body, scroll down and check the facts. Always take services from the best Tantrik in Kolkata to ensure the most authentic services.

First Chakra

The first Tantric chakra is root chakra or Muladhara which is situated at the spine base. Muladhara is the reason behind safety, survival, and basic human requirements. The right balance of this chakra helps us get a feeling of courage and safety.

Second Chakra

The second chakra is the sacral chakra or Svadhisthana. It administers relationship, addiction, violence, pleasure and emotional requirements. The right balance of this chakra generates expansiveness and creativity. This chakra is situated at the top of the sacrum.

Third Chakra

The third Tantrik chakra is Manipura or navel chakra which has its position in the spine behind the navel. The third Tantric chakra is the source of self-confidence, personal power, power of transformation and warrior energy.

Fourth Chakra

Anahata or heart chakra is the fourth Tantric chakra which is situated in between the spinal shoulder blades. The fourth Tantrik chakra holds special importance in the entire human body as it connects the upper chakras with the lower Tantrik chakras. As per Tantra, the Heart chakra is believed to be the centre of energy, love, admiration and internal bonding.

Fifth Chakra

Located in the throat region, Visudhha or throat chakra is the fifth Tantric chakra. It governs the way we communicate through words and verbal expression. The proper balance in this chakra is necessary to have influential thoughts, actions and speeches.

Sixth Chakra

The third eye chakra or Ajna is situated in the mid-mind between the eyebrows. Harmony in this chakra symbolises mastery over our wisdom, experience and thoughts.

Seventh Chakra

Sahasrara or crown chakra is the last and final Tantrik chakra located at the crown of our head. It guides our connections to knowledge, sanctity, and enlightenment.


So these are the basic seven chakras of the human body as per Tantra practices. In Tantra, these chakras are considered the moving vortices of energy, and the source of memories and experiences. A balance in these chakra means they are neither underactive nor hyperactive. A professional Tantra specialist or a black magic specialist in India can guide you in this matter in a more free and fearless manner. Contact SreeSibnath to get effective Tantra-based solutions to different life problems.


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