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June 2, 2024 | By Admin

A Detailed Guide About Different Moon Phases As Per Astrology

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In astrology, celestial bodies play a crucial role in impacting our destinies and shaping our lives. Among them all, the moon is a proud celestial luminary which affects our power, moods and emotions to a great extent. Knowing the different moon phases can offer us a deep insight into how the lunar phases impact the events of our lives. Contact the best Tantrik in Kolkata to know how different moon phases can alter your life events. So let’s check out this detailed guide about different moon phases as per astrology and their impacts on us.

The Meaning of Each Moon Phase

Among all the celestial bodies,the moon holds special significance because it orbits the Earth. Each part of its orbital path convey an amazing degree of its illumination. As per astrology, the different phases of moon include symbolic meanings. Those phases are associated with typical attributes and energies. Let’s dive deeper into the significance of each moon phase.

New Moon:

The very first phase of moon phase which can affect our life on a great note is the New Moon phase. The New Moon phase is when the moon is complete dark and invisible from the Earth. The New Moon phase symbolizes new and clean beginnings. As per astrology, the New Moon phase is believed to be the best for positioning new intentions. The New Moon phase is ideal for establishing the base of your dreams and initiating new Ventures.

Waxing Crescent:

After the New Moon phase, the next moon phase is the waxing crescent. As the moon starts to wax, a small silver piece of the moon appear in the sky. This moon phase denotes desires, boom and growth. It is a time to nourish your intentions and take a step forward to fulfil your dreams.

First Quarter:

The next moon phase is known as the First Quarter when half of the moon becomes visible. The First Quarter conveys decisions, a desire for adaptability demanding situations. This moon phase cheers us to experience barriers and find out creative answers to go ahead in life.

Waxing Gibbous:

After the First Quarter phase, the next moon phase is Waxing Gibbous. This is a phase where the bulk of the moon can be seen. It denotes quality-tuning, refinement, and perseverance. Waxing Gibbous is the time to assess personal growth, create adjustments, and filter your desires in reality.

Full Moon:

The Full Moon is the next moon phase when the complete moon floor can be seen. This moon phase exudes strong energy. It symbolizes completion, heightened feelings, and specific gratitude towards life. This phase is ideal to make things free which are not necessary and embrace revelations.

Waning Gibbous:

As the moon starts to wane, we gradually enter the Waning Gibbous phase. It shows introspection, gratitude, and non-secular knowledge. Utilize this phase to deem your experiences and get insights for non-public development.

Last Quarter:

During this phase, half of the moon can be seen in reverse of the first quarter. This phase denotes letting move, launch, and losing vintage styles. Use this phase to cleanse the old vibes and create space for fresh opportunities. If you are facing continual failures in life, get in touch with any reputable Vashikaran Specialist in Kolkata to use this moon phase and bring success to your life.

Waning Crescent:

The last and final segment before the New Moon is Waning Crescent. This phase denotes recuperation, practice and relaxation. It is a time to rethink, recharge and envision your next cycle of growth.


So these are the main eight types of moon phase which can impact our life on a large note. The moon has its own herbal rhythm. Anyone can plug into its knowledge and make conscious nominations in coalition with the energies every phase brings. Contact a reputable Vashikaran specialist to learn more about this matter. You can get in touch with SreeSibnath to know how these phases cam bring good luck for your life. Call us now or visit our site.


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