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April 16, 2024 | By Admin

The Most Common Challenges of a Inter-Caste Marriage

Love Marriage Specialist in Kolkata

Inter-caste marriage is a type of marriage between the individuals belongs to different caste. Inter-caste marriage is a widely debated topic in India since years. The number of inter-caste marriages in India is increasing day to day. This is because the young generation is all set to break the stereotypes and accept new challenges.

Nowadays, couples are more likely to assess their compatibility on the basis of education, attitude, life goals, personality attributes etc. Most people of this generation do not want to limit their choice to religion and caste. Contact a love marriage specialist in India to get effective suggestion on this matter.

Though thoughts and times are changing fast, still the couples face tremendous challenges to get the approval. They also need to impose a lots of effort to get the acceptance from different places. So let’s have a close at the points that depicts the main challenges of a inter-caste marriage.

Social Stigma

The main challenge that a inter-cast couple faces the most is social discrimination or stigma. Our society still believes in the caste, religion, and financial grades. Hence, couple in inter-caste marriages may face social criticissm and ostracism especially from the close relatives and families.

Family Pressure

The next notable challenge faced by most inter-caste couples is family pressure and opposition. Family acceptance plays a crucial role in arranging a marriage. Most parents won’t happily allow their children to get married to a person of different caste. Some parents even try to conduct emotional blackmailing, physical violence, and mutual threats. This is to prevent their children from marrying a person of different caste.

Legal Problems

Though it sound awkward, couples in inter-caste marriages can face legal issues too. Our constitution gurantees equal opportunities and rights to every citizen. But couple in inter-caste marriages can face discrimination or hrassment by the government authorities. This when while registering their marriages.

Cultural Differences

Another noteworthy challenge that most couples in inter-caste marriages confront is cultural differences. Different caste include different traditions, customs and cultural backgrounds. All these differences can create conflicts, misunderstandings and even divorce in some cases.

Financial Problems

Financial problems are the and it is one of the most common issues that almost every couple face. In most cases, parents may withhold property rights and financial support from their children if they select to marry outside their caste. This may create financial hardships frustration and unhappiness for the couple.

Parenting Issues

If couples of an inter-caste marriage become parents, they might face parenting issues too. This is because both they have different opinions in parenting style, cultural practices and religion. These differences can create conflicts and impact the upbringing of the kids. In inter-caste marriages, it will be very difficult to adjust with your in-laws. This can also impact the relationship between the grandchildren and grandparents too. So always take suggestions from the best Tantrik in India to solve all your issues.


So, these are the challenges faced by most couples in inter-caste marriages. Hence, couples need to be aware of these challenges before committing to such relationships. Contact Sree Sibnath in case if you also are facing problems in your inter-caste marriage.