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February 28, 2024 | By Admin

The Main Reasons for Misunderstanding Between Husband & Wife

Husband Wife Dispute in Kolkata

Marriage is a very crucial event in everyone’s life. If there are no complications or stress in the marriage, it is considered to be successful. However, the problems between husbands and wives are very common as there are multiple reasons behind them. So if you are facing any problem in your marriage, always consult an expert to get the best solutions. The problems between the couples are different for everyone.

Most of the time, when people get stressed because of any business or financial issue, or become more busy with their careers, it can affect your partner greatly. So are you one of those who is facing challenges or disagreements in marriage? Have you ever thought that what are reasons behind the problems? Let’s, quickly take a look at those factors that may notably create a husband-wife dispute in Kolkata.

Financial Issues

The main reason behind most marriage disputes is financial issues. Financial issues can make both the partners suffer a lot which can greatly impact the relationship between the two. But in such situations, chanting the Kali mantra can help notably control the partner’s mind to bring back stability in a relationship.


Stress is another prominent reason behind every husband-wife relationship. Irrespective of the reasons, stress can notably affect the relationship between both partners. When there is stress between the two partners, problems will surely arise. If in case, the stress becomes the worst, it can even ruin your entire relationship too.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is an issue which can cause major husband-wife disputes. Domestic violence mostly happens to women which makes them suffer a lot. In such situations, chanting Vashikaran mantras can notably help to make a relationship stronger.

Lack of Communication

Marriage is a relationship that is majorly based on mutual communication and respect. Good communication between the partners increases love, passion and respect. Hence, a communication gap can affect a marriage greatly and as an obvious result, different problems will occur between the partners. To resolve all those issues, you can contact any reputed Vashikaran specialist.

Extra Marital Affairs

Extra-marital affairs can cause immense disagreements between both partners. If you notice that your husband or wife is getting attracted towards other women or men despite spending time with you, then it can be a matter of extramarital affairs. Extramarital affairs can be painful for both partners. Using Vashikaran mantras can help notably in such cases.

Intercaste Marriage

Intercaste marriage is another factor that can foster husband-wife disputes. Marriage is an association which includes the emotions of both families. However inter-caste marriages are different because two different cultures are associated with them. But, with the help of any reputable astrologer or Vashikaran specialist, you can get easy love problem solutions in India.


So these are some general reasons that can cause immense disagreements between the partners. Apart from these, in-laws-related issues, lack of love, feelings and trust can also generate problems between the partners. If you also are facing problems in your marriage, contact SreeSibnath. This is because our expert astrological suggestions can help you save your marriage. Contact us to know more.

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