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January 17, 2024 | By Admin

The 12 Houses in Vedic Astrology & Their Importance

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Vedic astrology is a part of Indian astrology that comes from the Vedas. Vedic astrology is the study of planets, moon, stars, and sun as per a person’s horoscope. It is believed that the movements of stars and the planets greatly affect both our minds and souls. Vedic astrology includes 12 zodiac signs.

  • Taurus
  • Aries
  • Virgo
  •  Leo
  •  Gemini
  •  Cancer
  • Scorpio
  •  Sagittarius
  •  Capricorn
  •  Aquarius
  •  Pisces
  •  Libra

Along with these 12 zodiac signs, there are five elements in nature according to the Vedas. Jala(water), Bhumi(earth), Agni(fire), Vaayu(air) and Aakash(sky). An astrologer keeps all these elements into consideration while checking an individual’s horoscope and giving a love problem solution in India.

The Significance of Houses in Vedic Astrology

As per Vedic astrology, the 12 houses divide and define the specific areas of an individual’s life relying on his or her horoscope. We all know a horoscope is a birth chart of an individual which is created with the data of his or her place of birth, date of first, birth timing etc. Different houses supervise different sectors of our lives. We will talk about this more extensively in the next segment.

The 12 houses make the base of an individual’s life. Together they shape a 360° angle since the entire birth chart has 12 similar sections including each house. However, they’re very different from the zodiacal wheel. All these houses connect with a specific zodiac sign. Each one depicts a certain element of your life.

The First House

The first house of a horoscope is correlated with one’s self. It is the house where the true self of a person gets expressed. It is the house which conveys how well you express yourself, present yourself to the world, and how you can take initiative and show interest in doing every task.

The Second House

The second house of a horoscope shows your values, comforts, money-spending interests, expenditures and way of managing everything.

The Third House

The third house completely depicts your selfless love for others. How you behave with your siblings, peers, neighbours, and other family members can be understood by this house.

The Fourth House

The fourth house is completely associated with your roots. Social and emotional safety such as house, family and mother figure are the aspects that the fourth house shows.

The Fifth House

The fifth house of the horoscope is related to the zodiac sign Leo. The fifth house always centred around fashion, romance, glamour, style, fame and creativity.

The Sixth House

The sixth house in the horoscope is the house of physical fitness. It conveys daily routines, wellness, and the exercise of an individual. Apart from this, the sixth house also shows the kindness of a person in his or her horoscope.

The Seventh House

The seventh house has to do with love, marriage, association, commitment, and partnership. This house also represents the aesthetics of a person including fashion, touch art and beauty. Contact a reputable love marriage specialist in Kolkata to be an effective solution.

The Eight House

The eighth house of a horoscope is responsible for the sexual relationship and reproduction of a person. Apart from that it also denotes the monetary savings too.

The Ninth House

The ninth house of a horoscope denotes the chances of higher learning, knowledge, expansion, travelling, adventure, and motivation.

The Tenth House

The 10th house of a horoscope is related to Capricorn. It is a house of rules, legacy, public prestige, achievements and authority.

The Eleventh House

It is a house that establishes a connection between an individual and his deeds. This house also denotes invention, technology, groups, communities, and futuristic things.

The 12th House

The final house or the twelfth house decides spirituality, dreams, transitions and mental peace.


So, these are the twelve houses of a horoscope which are used to assess the position of planets too. A horoscope is like a dance interpretation where there is no specific answer. Follow us to know more.

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