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August 30, 2023 | By Admin

Four Planets That Affect The Love Relationship The Most

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When it comes to the matter of Astrology, it is extremely rich and broad in traditional aspects. The mystical capabilities of Astrology help numerous lives in different matters. Whether it is about your education, marriage, love life or anything else, Astrology has every explanation and solution. But for that, it is necessary to have a proper horoscope which would be assessed by an expert Vashikaran specialist.

In recent times, people have been very much interested in understanding their future life. Love or marriage is a kind of relationship that holds immense significance in an individual’s life. Hence, people are prone to take the assistance of Astrology to solve different matters in their lives. Now what is Astrology? Well, Astrology is a science that deals with the effects of different planets on human life.

Every planet possesses different energy, effects and functions. Hence, each planet is responsible for specific issues in our lives such as marriage, relationships, education, health and so on. But today we are talking about love relationships and their complications for which mainly four planets are responsible. They are Venus, Jupiter, Rahu and Mercury. The position of these planets determines the bad times or good times in an individual’s life.


The first planet that is mainly responsible for the consequences of married life. The position of Venus brings both happiness and sadness in one’s life. A horoscope has different houses in which the planets get positioned. Venus as a planet should be in a very powerful position. Otherwise, it would cause multiple complications in life.

An unfavourable position of Venus can generate miscommunication, anxiety and other issues in a relationship. And with these issues, your relationship can finally end up with a bitter separation. So, if you want to prevent separation, try to consult an expert. So that Venus can be positioned properly with astrological help.


Mercury is the symbol of passion and desire. Passion and desire can be both positive and negative for human life. If positioned properly, this planet can help you build a passion-driven relationship with your partner. But a wrong positioning of this planet can surely generate anxiety and violation issues. And who doesn’t know that a complicated mentality can harm your love relationship?


Another strongest planet as per Astrology is Jupiter. It is believed that if Jupiter is in the right position, everything will be in your favour. But if not, tons of issues can be created including a painful separation. So always seek astrological help by contacting the best astrologer in Kolkata to make the position of this planet right.


Rahu is the most celebrated and worshipped planet. This planet possesses a powerful position in the houses of horoscope and thus is considered a determining factor in a person’s love life. If Rahu gets oneaced once, no method can save you from its consequences. So make sure that Rahu is positioned well in your horoscope.

No matter what would be the problem, astrology has a solution for each. So feel free to get astrological help by connecting with us whenever there’s an issue.

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