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March 11, 2024 | By Admin

Crystals That Can Protect You from The Effects of Dark Magic

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There are plenty of negative vibrations and energies which surround us all. No matter how hard we try to ignore them, they can create a pile of negative feelings. Though meditation or a sudden vacation can offer a short relief, they cannot heal the problem from within. So, what can be a permanent solution for those issues?

Well, the answer is simple, wearing some specific crystals can help on a large scale. Crystal looks stunning and includes amazing protection capacity. They can protect an individual against any sort of negative vibe. Are you facing evil thoughts, nightmares, anxiety and other negative feelings? If yes, then bid adieu to all those problems after reading this blog.

This is because, in this blog, we will discuss which crystals can protect you from the effects of dark magic. But always remember, not every crystal suits everyone. Hence it is crucial to seek expert guidance from reputable black magic specialists in India. Do not forget to cleanse these crystals before using them. This is to reap the best advantages. So let’s delve into the facts.

Black Tourmaline

The very first crustal which can protect you from any kind of negative energies is black tourmaline. It is considered to be one of the most stunning crystals. This is due to its alluring pitch-black colour and natural components.
The deeper the black colour you select the more effective outcome you will get. Black tourmaline not only protects an individual but also cleanses his or her emotional self. This can help get rid of fear, anxiety, anger etc. This crustal also symbolises strength.

Black Obsidian

The next crystal in the queue is black obsidian. Obsidian is a crystal which has very sharp edges and it is very hard when it is raw. The process of cooling down volcanic lava helps to form black obsidian. This crystal has a deep connection with the root chakra.

This is why, black obsidian protects us from numerous physical and emotional distress. You can keep this crystal as a decorative piece in your home or wear it as a gemstone. This stone can protect you from any kind of negative thoughts.

Tige’s Eye

Belongs to the Chalcedony mineral class family, Tigers’s Eye is another prominent name. Tiger’s Eye is dark brown in colour and contains a silky lustre. In previous times, this gemstone is considered to be more expensive than gold. This is because of its extensive benefits. Tiger’s Eye can bring good luck along with warding off any evil eye. Wearing this crystal can convert negative thoughts into positive ones. It can also boost the self-esteem of the user.


The next crystal for protection in the queue is Amethyst. Amethyst is a crystal which promotes serenity and calmness. It also offers both emotional and spiritual protection against any negative energy. Wearing Amethyst can protect your inner peace. It can also help fight body aches, third eye recovery and digestion.

Clear Quartz

Quartz is a kind of crystal that can be good for anything. This is because it can grab the energy of the nearest quartz. So, if you are using other protection crystals, clear quartz will intensify its energy. It also exemplifies even more safety in your life. Contact the best Tantrik in India to know more.


So these are the most common 5 crystals which can help you protect yourselves from any dark magic. If you are assuming any presence of dark magic around you, feel free to contact Sree Sibnath. This is because, our expert guidance can help you get the best potential solution. Get in touch with us to learn more.