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March 19, 2024 | By Admin

A Complete Overview about Tantra & Its Key Factors

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Hinduism includes thousands of practices and education. They can offer both spiritual and worldly advantages. Meditation or Sadhana is one notable among them. There are a total of four types of Sadhanas. Mantra Sadhana, Tantra Sadhana, Yantra Sadhana, and Yoga Sadhana. These four types of meditation also have some sub-types.

So, what is Tantra Sadhana? It is a kind of practice done by the best Tantriks in India which makes most people scared. Many people think Tantra is a terrible practice done by the Tantriks. But the reality is something very different. Let’s discuss some major aspects of Tantra Sadhana which may help you understand the topic better.

The Importance of the Body in Tantra Vidya

In simple words, Tantra means system or body, Yantra means any kind of machine and Mantra indicates mind. As per Tantra, our body is the centre of all of our actions. Hence, it is necessary to keep the body healthy and satisfied. Increasing the capacity of this body is also vital. We often find ways to increase spirituality in us.

But one can achieve spirituality only through this body. The theory of yoga also depicts the same. Tantra has nothing to do with alcohol, meat, and physical intimacy. A person who gets involved in such as can never become a successful Tantrik. The basic objective of Tantra Sadhana is to interrogate Sidhhi.

Texts Associated with Tantra

Tantra is associated with Shaiva Agama Shastras. But it has its origin in Atharvaveda. Tantra has three major parts; Yamal Tantra, Agam Tantra and Main Tantra. Agam Tantra includes Shaivagam, Rudragam, and Bhairavagam. According to the Varahi Tantra, there are a total of nine lakh verses of Tantra. Among them, one lakh verses are in India.

Most people neglect Tantra literature due to forgetfulness. For this reason, many texts of Tantra Shastra have vanished. As per the information obtained at present, there are 199 Tantra texts. Countries like India, China, Thailand, Mongolia, Tibet and Kamboj still include experts who are working for the growth of Tantra.

Tantra is named Rigyud in Tibetan language. The entire Rigyud contain 78 parts, which have 2640 self-reliant texts. Many of these texts are translations of Indian tantric texts. Among those texts, Tibetan ascetics write the most.

Parts & Symbols of Tantrik Sadhana

Tantrik Sadhana has two major paths- the Left Marg and the Right Marg. Left Marg meditation is way more difficult than the right Marg. Tantra Sadhana has certain symbols. Such as the Om or Swastik symbol in the middle of a star-shaped triangle, the shape of a bundle, and designs associated with Rangoli, Alpana and Mehendi. Other symbols like yoga postures and actions also hold great importance in Tantra Sadhana.

Tantrik Mantras & Deities

There are a total of three types of Tantrik mantras- Tantric Mantra, Vedic Mantra, and Shabar Mantra. Goddess Ashta Bhairavi, Kali, Nine Durga, 64 Yoginis and Nine Mahavidya, Kaal Bhairaav, Nag Maharaj etc hold immense significance in Tantra Vidya.


So, these are the primary facts associated with Tantra Sadhana. Remember, Tantra Sadhana is a kind of practice that is very sensitive. This is because the wrong usage of this practice has negative impacts on everyone associated with it. Hence, it is always crucial to find a worthy practitioner. Contact any reputable Vashikaran Specialist in India to learn more.

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